The Gazpacho is one of the stars of Spanish gastronomy, nowadays many different and delicious versions have been developed based on the original recipe. Therefore today we want to  publish this variation of gazpacho using watermelon but the most important is you all enjoy for summer.


750 grm of Watermelon
250 grm of Well done Tomatoes
½ und of Cucumber
½ und of Red Pepper.
2 cloves of garlic
2 slices of mold bread
100 ml of water
90 ml Extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons of Cherry Vinagre
Salt and pepper to taste


Slice the watermelon and remove the skin and all the seeds that are possible, reserve only the red pulp and discard the white one because it is bitter.

Cut a small portion into small pieces to use as a garnish.
Therefore soak a slice of bread it in the water, with the second slice make small cubes for croutons.

Grate the tomatoes until only the skin has to be discarded because will be much confortable, reserve it.
Peel the cucumber and cut into quarters to remove the seeds. Take one of the quarters and cut it into small cubes to make a garnish and reserve.

Cut the rest into large pieces to blend with the rest of the ingredients

Same take the pepper and remove the seeds and white veins inside

Take a small piece and cut it into small cubes for garnish.

The rest of the pepper cut into large pieces to blend with the rest of the ingredients.
Also peel the garlic, cut in two halves and remove the heart

Blanch in boiled water to reduce the intensity of its flavor, repeat 3 times changing the water, reserve to blend with the rest of the ingredients.

Mix small pieces of all vegetables and reserve in the refrigerator, bake or fry the croutons, reserve.

Place all the ingredients except olive oil and vinegar,

Blend it and grind until you get a smooth silky mixture, if necessary strain and discard the red peppers skin grains and watermelon seeds.

Also add salt, pepper again to crush, meanwhile add the oil and vinegar little by little, reserve in frige for two hours until chili well or in freezer for half an hour.

To plate use a deep plate and with the help of a small ring, place a small portion of garnish in the center and fill with the gazpacho, beside that place another portion of garnish, a string of extra virgin oil and 3 croutons.

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