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TourTek is a new, robust, state-of-the art, inventory management and reservation system for tour operators. TourTek combines the best features of all existing tour operator management systems into one and is the most complete and scalable solution available in today’s market.

TourTek was designed with the busy tour professional in mind and was developed for tour operators by seasoned tour professionals. This is a system designed to grow as your business grows and one that gives you the power to be your best. How? By partnering with the world’s leading developer and distributor of database technology, Oracle, a solution in use by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies. This relationship with Oracle means that TourTek will run on ANY platform, enabling your company to continue using software such as Microsoft and Adobe.

Since TourTek uses Microsoft Windows, the learning curve for your employees is flat. All staff will be familiar with the format, so they’ll quickly learn to perform tasks such as product loading, packaging, inventory management and reservations.

Designed for high volume processing and distribution, TourTek is the ideal in-house tour management and reservation system for Outbound Tour Operators (or a combination of Outbound/Inbound) dealing primarily with travel agencies. Main features include the synchronization of multiple databases (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, client documentation) reservations and inventory control (air, motor coaches, multiple island resort holidays, etc.).

As a leisure travel market specialist, TourTek can provide a software and distribution solution to meet your needs. Empower your business and help turn your reservation clerks into sales staff. Let TourTek control your day-to-day operations by modernizing every vital task in your company and offering superior accuracy and quality assurance for your products. Allow your customers to benefit from faster, more responsive service.

NEW -TourTek Service Bureau
The TourTek Service Bureau will offer similar functionality to that offered in a full in-house system at a fraction of the cost. The modules being offered in the TourTek Service Bureau, at this time, include the base, payables and GDS modules. We also offer a rich media front end web site that enables B2C or B2B bookings to the Service Bureau. Each tour operator’s data will be housed on their own 100% secure Oracle database disc partition. This enables TourTek to guarantee the integrity of the Service Bureau’s customers product.
The TourTek Service Bureau is priced to be very affordable to the smaller tour operator with a ‘pay as they go’ pricing structure.

Leisure Booker
A booking front end linked to our reservation system in a service bureau (ASP) model. See Demo: Leisure Booker Demo

For more details on this Service Bureau contact us by e-mail at
or contact : 1.877.668.8666 .

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