Gastronomic Tourism?

There are two topics in my schedule that  make my palate and my daily life enriching: tourism and gastronomy.

Especially living in the country considered by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) as a gastronomic reference for tourism, Spain.

More than a third of a tourist’s expenses are dedicated to food.

And although these figures draw a smile, due to the benefits, to entrepreneurs in this area; it is necessary to recognize Spain stands out in the Gastronomy world.

But as the world is world and every day goes by seems to turn faster

This phenomenon of tourism as a gastronomic experience or vice versa.

Gastronomic experiences as tourism have been increasing due to design and implementation of various ways of combining one with others.

The creativity and development of social networks, the globalization allows to obtain ingredients from all over the world; have allowed us nowadays, to enjoy the best of both worlds.

In short, the matter about these experiences gives us so much to talk about, so we could spend the whole year discovering such a mind-blowing world.

Innovative Gastronomy increasing.

This movement is so surprising that we can already enjoy underwater hotels inside a luxury room contained in a large bubble.

that even these hotels have a gastronomic offer from another world. Hence, we can not blunder out wine as universal elixir.

For instance, in Tenerife, you can find wine cellars under the sea, where the biggest curiosity is they offer pressurized booths where you can enjoy a tasting of these wonderful wines.

We have also found out, not only the wonderful products and the glorious gastronomic variety throughout our country are important.

Also the format of the experience counts; because besides enjoying it on a ship, underground, in a bubble and even on a dirigible.

Spain continues developing all these new concepts without ever losing the greatest treasure we have: the people, traditions and the secrets of the kitchens of yesteryear.

And although there are times to celebrate how fortunate this country is. It is also time to reflect on the quality of service.

the professionalization of the whole social fabric, to face what is certainly coming in a few years, a gale of new generations of lovers of this culture.

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