THE TREAT FOR THE GODS (Tortilla de Patata)

A few days ago during a time of review and reflection I had the urge to review what for more than a year, I have been sharing with you all through this section and after the review, I have fallen in mind that during all this time never dedicate a few lines to which no doubt is the queen of Spanish cuisine with rice and other many preparations that delight friends and strangers to the length and breadth of this great land, and as always said that every month I pretend to be objective in my writings but today will certainly not be one of those months because professionally and personally, I considered the omelette a daughter of genius, so I apologize.

And as always, I have to refer to the beginning of this preparation for its longstanding there are many versions as to who and where it was created.

Some say it was a general named Thomas Zumalacarregui who during the war designed a simple and nutritional food to recharge his troops energy to continue the battles but others say that the same general passing through Navarra come home from a family ask for food and the lady of the house prepared an omelet with few ingredients they had and today remain the basis of this culinary wonder, potatoes , onions and eggs.

But there is also another legend that says that by the VXIII century in Badajoz, the Marquis de Robledo and a man named Tena Godoy, looking for an economical preparation, came up with the recipe that we all know today.

But today the world of gastronomy not only commissioned to enlarge this wonderful food of the Gods and human beings, but have also been able to redesigne it, filling of flavors and textures that in the past would not have been possible.

For this reason it is public knowledge that in every bar, restaurant, tavern and in every corner of Spain and probably around the world, Omelette is a fixed bet winning on all order and except those who can not enjoy it health reasons, few will be detractors of this dish of unknown origin but lives and lasts with the same intensity of its flavors.

And as I have reflected in the preceding paragraphs, the Potatoes Omellet has been changing for the good of all tastes and palates, in amazing variants such as the gardener omelette.

In addition to its three basic ingredients also prepared with other vegetables such as zucchini, peppers and mushrooms. Or combined with cheeses like goat cheese and caramelized onions and add to mention sausages like chorizo ​​or ham and also accompany a tomatoes bread or a delicious mayonaise.

In any case I can only invite to your next visit to our city or any province in Spain , no longer enjoy that undoubtedly will remain the food of the gods.

Until next time

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