Will you be part of our big family too?

Two families.

The same passion.

The same journey.

The same destination.

Two families who left Venezuela to train and gain professional experience in the great Spanish metropolis, Madrid and Barcelona.

We all fell in love with the immense variety and richness of Spanish gastronomy.

And fate, finally brought both families to this wonderful island of, Tenerife – the island of eternal spring.

Our goal, in coming here, was not to have to work a single day.

And we have succeeded.

Because, for us, getting to know you and sharing our culinary knowledge in Cook & Taste with all of you, is not working.

It’s doing what we love most – cooking, managing a business and making he most of the qualities and knowledge of each member of this team while promoting the culture and cuisine of Tenerife and Spain.

What more could we ask for?

Meet the members of the Cook & Taste Tenerife family


Originally from Venezuela but of Canarian ancestry, Juancho has lived and breathed gastronomy from a very young age. After opening his own restaurant in his hometown, Juancho trained in gastronomic and restaurant management, finance and marketing until becoming a Gastronomic Consultant.

Enthusiastic and kind, lover of meals cooked in the warmth of a family, Juancho specialised in Mediterranean cuisine at the Hoffman School. In addition to managing and sharing his culinary knowledge in Cook & Taste, Juancho also collaborates as a columnist in Gastronomic Point G, where he writes about today’s culinary world and trends.


Maddy will treat you with your first smile upon arriving at Cook & Taste.
Maybe even before, because Maddy is our voice in our social networks and in our online booking portal!

A graduate in Digital Marketing, Maddy has also worked an English teacher for many years. Friendly, approachable, and very sensitive to the needs of the people around her, Maddy’s warm tone of voice (and her beautiful big eyes), will make you feel part of our family from the very first moment.

Rosa Virginia

Virginia – director and administrator at Cook and Taste Tenerife – has Canarian and Italian origins and grew up in a family where both her parents were professional cooks. A tad petite in stature, Virginia has a gigantic heart and a great organizational capacity. All of these qualities, coupled with her formation in human resources, make her the ideal person to command our great family. With a heart of gold, she is passionate about helping others through social and humanitarian work in different organizations and the church. Virginia is, in other words, the mother of this great family, the person who always keeps us motivated with her contagious strength and optimism, and keeps everything in in order.

Why you can’t leave Tenerife without trying the Cook & Taste experience