What can you expect from your experience at Cook & Taste Tenerife?

You can expect a lot of smiles from the moment you check-in.

You can also expect a homey and relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen as though you had been invited to the chef’s very own home!

At your arrival, the material and ingredients necessary for the preparation of the recipes will be neatly organized in your own station.

Your chef will share background information about each dish and ingredients and proceed to explain the different cuts, station by season, so that no one misses any details.

After this, you’ll take the reins and apply all the techniques and workflows the chef had earlier explained! (Although he’ll always be there to explain any doubts that may arise).

At the end of your “Mise-en-Place”, you’ll clear your station and start cooking your dishes according to the established order while enjoying a glass of local “Inferno” red and white.

Once all the recipes are complete, your chef will explain the haute cuisine techniques that complement the recipes.

And finally, it’ll be time to try the dishes you’ve prepared and share them with your teacher and classmates!

You’ll also be awarded a certificate welcoming you as:

A new member of the Cook & Taste family.

Why can’t you miss the Cook & Taste Tenerife experience?

Because you’ll feel right at home.

Even if you are thousands of miles away!

In the Canary Islands, everyone feels at home.

It probably has to do with the human warmth of the islanders, their relaxed pace, their genuine hospitality and their contagious positive energy, which we, at Cook & Taste Tenerife try to infuse in all our classes.

Our space blends this renowned canarian “joie de vivre” with a contemporary “loft” style deco, perfect for taking great snaps and videos of the environment, the food and the good times you’ll undoubtedly enjoy at Cook & Taste Tenerife!

Learn the traditional recipes of the peninsula and the archipelago together with some of the culinary techniques of contemporary haute cuisine such as foams, flavoured air, smoking, etc.

At Taste & Cook you can have the best of both worlds:

Traditional + Contemporary and Islander + Peninsular!