The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Make time for things that truly matter and enjoy every moment that life gives.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle was founded by Elena and Melisa Koyunseven, a mother daughter duo based in Spain.

Elena and Melisa

After moving to the beautiful island of Mallorca they have immersed themselves in the Mediterranean way of life.

Their life has changed completelysince then due to the climate and the healthy diet that they practice.

Inspired by the Mediterranean culture, stunning landmarks, rich history and traditions theycreated their online platform The Mediterranean Lifestyle in order to keep up their Mediterranean heritage.

They believe that it’s not necessary to change all your daily habits, but only a few small changes in your daily routine to live a happier healthy and relaxed life!

Following the tremendous reception and interest in this healthy lifestyle they havelaunched their first edition of their online magazine in December 2018.

They are confidentthat it will be well received by their thousands of followers worldwide and creatingawareness in the Mediterranean lifestyle.

They have realised that people aspire to a conscious and stress-free life and areconvinced that the magazine will find huge interest from their readers who want to adoptthis lifestyle in partially or in total.

Since the Mediterranean area has more neighbouringstates than many believe they want to promote all countries and highlight the beauty of all.

Experiences, such as local cooking classes, trekking and desert tours withexperienced guides, sailing, yoga & retreats by the sea and much more.

Discover. Explore. Experience.

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