Urban being

A few years ago, the action of fusing two words or terms into one, have been on trend to create new concepts, Some successfuls, others not but they’re an expression of creativity for those who have made this phenomenon a daily basis.

In this article, I have opted to join this trend by fusing urban culture with the movement of human sensory experiences.

In this opportunity, I will fuse the world of wine, gastronomy and plastic arts, all reunited in the same space and with the same context, just like when three good friends meet to have a good time.

Wine and Gastronomy

This relationship between the world of wine and gastronomy, already has enough history to make a 5-way road around the world a couple of times, however, the number of people from early ages interested in this lifestyle, keeps growing and increasing.

Is in this field where my interest awakened, probably because we are witnessing a more aware society that, through the last decades, had shown a more impersonal social behavior with fewer attachments.

I must clarify that is a very personal perception based on my experience in the gastronomic world.

In short, the union of a good food with a good wine around a table, and good company, has brought with it this new being, that without neglecting its urban lifestyle, has made it more human..

Art and Wine

Wine and gastronomy go historically by the hand, but many will wonder what art and wine have to do with each other? Yes, they are closely linked one another and they also have a lot of history together.

To begin with, during periods of war and post-war, there were all type of scarcities in all families, wine was still produced to keep warmth in the cold months.

Societies managed to maintain some kind of human and vital spaces through artistic movements such as music, letters and visual arts, to the point of being persecuted by those barbarian groups who only wanted domination.

So thank to heavens for art and wine.

Art, Wine and Gastronomy.

Now, if we are linking it by placing those three human expressions together, they will say others.

But again I will have to say that from always and until now they have been a fundamental part in the development of societies and civilizations.

And in short they are expressions of the beauty and creativity of human beings that as we have said before.

We have taken it as a way of life that undoubtedly brings out the best of this world through the internalization of being and taking out all that sensitivity that differentiates us from the rest of the species,

And from this small space we want to pay homage and congratulate Bodegas Bocopa @bodegas_bocopa in Alicante, Cook and Taste Tenerife, @cookanstastetenerife in The Canary Islands for supporting and promoting the artwork of @nordintheartist

Welcome all to this new race of H-URBAN BEINGS.

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