Barcelona is definitely a city to love. And it is always news worldwide as one of the tourist sites of our country with the greatest growth and boom in the preference of all kinds of public and what could be the reason?

For in principle because this city has opted for a tourist proposal that covers all the cultures and customs around the world .

It could not be otherwise since many years Barcelona has hosted countless people of our beautiful planet , of which many have failed to take off that feeling that gives this city where he lives every bit of the four corners of the Earth.


That diversity of cultures and customs is supporting the wide range of cuisine which lately seek all those who visit us, since there are no limits or flavors or creativity when presenting new proposals, which to date breaks Barcelona records in Spain in the opening and reopening new bars and restaurants.

Achieving huge numbers of sites and places along and around the city, between 11 000 and 12 000 bars and restaurants, is to not I miss it.


Yet despite these figures and this variety of proposals around the world , traditions are traditions and as is customary and in recent years , fusion has become the gadget more used to innovate and  attract public among the many choices.

That is what this time has accommodated our theme this month, THE TAPAS

The Tapas is one of the gastronomic icons of Spain and as I ‘ve said before fusion and creativity have become the Sex Apple world of gastronomy.

Why?, because with so few grams of ingredients a good Tapa can transport you from grandmothers cooking to the world’s most exotic flavor.

Just in Barcelona has sparked a lot of places that are dedicated to the design of culinary offerings of all kinds in tapa form.

We do not know if it is because of the convenience of being able to take one bite the flavors of your life or perhaps because instead of ordering a meal as God commands

You can design your own dish 4, 5 or the amount you fancy tapas and test the world at a dinner .


What seems certain is that the tapas has become almost liturgical these days , besides which people may care more each day so eating less is also fashionable.

I do not know if within the tourism plans tapas tours are included, but otherwise some would one of these days make us a web or blog where we can compare Tapas like other websites that compare flights, hotels, rental cars.

Or perhaps a tour bus as there are many in the city that offers a tour of the premises where the best tapas , creativity goes a long way.

So far these efforts since arriving here just us subtraction encourage them to inquire and do not miss experience for other varied and fun.

Another plus to the already countless reasons to always come back to Barcelona.

until next time

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