For those who read us here in Europe, maybe the title of this month, American Dream, can cause some uncertainty, because while it is true that USA is considered an ultra developed country, the majority of European countries also are and Spain does not escape this rating.

But it’s also true that the European continent will always be considered at first world, a world left to conquer other lands such as the Americas, and these conquests brought their warehouses filled with products and gastronomic culture of these lands.

It is for this reason that today we want to take a tour through North America, since the past few years I’ve noticed how American gastronomy and culture in general, has gained more followers in Spain.

Leading to a new wave of culinary concepts with classic recipes (and some not so classic) of those who are considered the creators of the junk food culture.

Due to the influence of different conquerors such as Italian, Irish, British and others who came to North America, not all the cooking in this country is junk food.

There’s also a huge diversity, in terms of gastronomic tastes, but after the mega industrial and commercial development of decades ago, everything was redirected to Fast Food (as they called it).

In Spain, a love for the American icon of gastronomy has grown, and continues growing, in this case I am referring to the Hamburger, which despite the discredit that has undergone by that junk culture, chefs have been given often liturgical task of develop and introduce to the world truly gourmet burgers filled with flavors and incomparable quality.

As a reference, there are documents showing that this meat preparation began in the year 1887 in some restaurants of United States, specially in New York.

In these documents, the meat of the Hamburg steak is referred to raw or lightly cooked, accompanied by a raw egg.

So, let’s see how this American dish has drawn so deeply in our streets and cities?

There are those who assure that it has always existed in our culture, but it is nowadays that you can find thousands of places and proposals that include the Hamburger; for example, in France a hamburger is done with Foie and sweet onion.

Althoug in England, is seasoned with Lea Perrins sauce; and that to say about Italian, who combines Pig with Veal and crowns with fresh Rucula.

There’s also an endless vegetarian burgers preparations  that even for a meat-lover as I am, they can be surprisingly delicious by the flavors that can be achieved, such as an eggplant hamburger smoked in the fire.

Here in Spain, there are already several options with products of this land, so fertile in flavors, like Sobrasada, Iberian hams, seasonal mushrooms, roasted vegetables.

There are many restaurants which are considered top of the ten best burgers list in Spain: Kiosko in Barcelona, Burger Beer in Valencia, La Brasa Canalla in Bilbao, Goiko Grill in Madrid, La Pepita in Vigo, Lúa in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, among many others.

Until next time.

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