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Month: May 2020

Solarnet Profile

SolarNet is the developer of proprietary B2B technology solutions that improve the productivity and profitability of travel vendors worldwide. These unique solutions allow SolarNet to distribute detailed travel information on any travel product, from any travel vendor, to all travel agents. Information is accessed by travel agents via one of the four airline established global distribution systems (“GDS”), such as Sabre or Galileo and/or the Internet.

Travel vendors have a need to keep travel agents well informed about their product inventory. Suppliers must also ensure the accuracy and timely receipt of information in a cost effective manner. Some common methods of distributing product information to agents have been brochures, flyers, faxes, email and the Internet.

Brochures are expensive to print, costly to distribute and have problems with respect to timeliness, accuracy and relevancy of information post production. Flyers and faxes have recurring printing and distribution costs and hundreds are received weekly by agents. Not every travel agent has email or access to the Net.

SolarNet offers a powerful, cost effective solution to both suppliers and agents. SolarNet provides travel suppliers (consolidators, tour operators, cruise lines, rail suppliers, tourist bureaus, hotels, etc.), the ability to instantly distribute their travel product information to travel agents worldwide. SolarNet can take data from any product source and distribute it simultaneously to all GDS systems (Sabre, Galileo/Apollo, Amadeus and Worldspan), private Intranets, the Internet, or a powerful combination of all three. Monthly prices are fixed and allow for both unlimited updates and content, with changes in real-time.

Agents benefit because they have free and instant access to facts. They also save time looking for or shuffling through materials and will diminish their phone calls to suppliers looking for additional clarification.

SolarNet uses the same commands and hardware that agents have used for decades — the Global Distribution System (“GDS”) networks. These four GDS networks consist of “pipelines” that allow agents through their desktop terminals, connectivity to airlines and other travel products. SolarNet also manages and distributes the same information via the Net, ensuring total market coverage through all possible channels.

The product solutions provided by SolarNet are not only cost effective, but customizable as well. SolarNet is thus a valuable tool either as a complement, or alternative to, the GDS networks, regardless of the size of the travel wholesaler. More and more travel suppliers are using SolarNet’s proven information management skills, distribution expertise and product lines to market their inventory to travel retailers online – locally, nationally or worldwide!


Revolutionize the way you do business.

Finally, there’s an online network dedicated to the travel industry, one that will change the way you do business forever. Not only does it interface with all CRS/GDS systems (Apollo/Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan) but it also harnesses the power of the Internet.

Introducing SolarNet, the most cost-effective, complete, online travel information distribution network in the industry. SolarNet’s four product solutions for vendors: LiveLinx, LiveLinx*PLUS, NewsWire and Wings – open up new areas of wholesale leisure travel to many suppliers for the first time ever. What was once cost-prohibitive and exclusive is now easily accessible.

Whether you’re a consolidator, tour operator, cruise line, car rental company,
tourism board or hotel, SolarNet has a product solution for you. Most importantly, all supplier information is live, can be easily updated and can be accessed by agents worldwide at no charge.

So hang up the phones. Hold the faxes. Save your stamps. Cancel the couriers. If reduced operating costs, increased productivity and enhanced customer service are your goals, let SolarNet put the power of GDS/online information at your fingertips.